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Sunday 14th April 2013:

Nothing much to report on my own music front. I played a rather lovely Folk Threads night at The Briton's Protection in Manchester on Friday night. The theme was 'Women' and I chose to sing The Mike Waterson song 'A Stitch in Time' (via Martin Carthy's version) and Richard Thompson's 'Beeswing', my favourite song of all time, and suited to so many different occasions. It was the first time I've played out on solo guitar and voice in a long time and my nerves were wracked. However, the audience was lovely and one must get back on the horse at some point so I hope to get my playing and singing up to speed and do some solo gigs again soon.

In bass playing news... The Woodbine and Ivy band will be heading back into the studio at the end of May for album 2 recording session part 2 which I'm very much looking forward to. We've got some exciting new (and new old) songs that will form the 2nd album and we're working, again, with some very wonderful people. I'll keep you updated. Last Harbour are also in the writing and recording stage of a new album. Some excellent tunes and interesting new ideas. I have no idea when either of these will be available but I will let you know as soon as they're ready.